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jueves, 25 de mayo de 2017

Alberto´s site

1.    I have Maths, English and French on Thrusdays.

2.    There weren´t any children in the classroom.

3.    I can´t understand it. My homework wasn´t in my bag last night.

4.    There was an exam.

5.    Were there two pages? No, there weren´t.

6.    It wasn´t chicken, it was fish.

7.    The book was on the table five minutes ago.

8.    Were there three glasses next to a the bottle? Yes, there were.

9.    Dad was in Ireland Republic with my brother last week.

10. My first day was Thrusday.

11. Where was your sister?

12. This was his third goal.

13. Yesterday morning the weather was really.

14. It was foggy.

15. Was Miguel in the cinema on Saturday? No , he wasn´t.